Wednesday, July 18, 2012

THIS is what concerns you???

I was working on typing a document on my lap top, my husband walked in the room and strained his neck 90 degrees just to see what I was doing. BLANK STARE. My husband seems unmoved by the possibility (however remote) that I might one day run off with another man. In fact, his response to that hypothetical is "I would kill you." He doesn't say it in a extra hype confrontational manner, he just states it as a fact- "I would kill you." So me taking off to start my life over again with some new man does not give him cause for concern but what I'm doing on the computer has him breaking his neck???

When I pointed out to him that he seemed more than a little pressed to get in my business he said that I was acting "suspicious.".............. BLANK STARE.  No, I literally gave him a blank stare. So then he says "well fine, I'm not going to worry about anything you do." BLANK STARE. First of all, I could easily prove that statement untrue by calling a tow truck and having them remove his Mustang (his first car which he claims is a part of our family----that hasn't worked in 6 years) from my garage.  I guarantee you, he would instantly be worried about what I was doing.  Second of all...I don't have a second but I didn't want to be one of those people who said "first of all" when there was no second of all. 

I just keep looking at my husband waiting for him to magically say something that makes sense. It is not the fact that he was extra pressed to see what I was doing on the computer that is noteworthy.  Some people are just nosy like that.  It's the fact that my husband is not one of those people. So I'm sitting here wondering why the possibility of me running off with another man does nothing for him but what I'm typing on my lap top seems significant? I can only conclude that he was concerned that I was typing another blog post about him and now I am.

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